In the neighbourhood of Tyulenovo you may find one of the most beautiful places along Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Tyulenovo is famous for its caves, crystal clear sea water and unique nature. For those who seek wild places and want to get near the nature, here is a paradise for the fans of peaceful holidays, suitable for sea fishing, underwater diving and all of that is in the immediate proximity of the virgin beaches and sand dunes.

Here everyone shall find something favorite- the fans of the extreme experience- diving or rock climbing; the romanticists- places for solitude and exciting sunrises; the fishers- fish; the fans of nature- rare species of the flora and fauna. Often met here are the majestic dolphins, swimming near the coast. You could not forget that seaside if once visited! The sea-shores here are colored in red and descend steep at least from 20-30 meters down to the sea. There are unbelievable underwater caves, the diving in which is a balsam for the soul of each adventurer, disposing of Aqua-Lungs. It is a wonderful place for fishing- here live many fish species such as golden grey mullet, grey mullet, scad and gobies and everyone who uses a fishing-rod must be certain that he will ensure his dinner on the grill without any problems. You can hire a boat from the local citizens and to enter deeper waters for fishing or for a walk to the caves. The healing sulphurous mineral water flowing in to the sea is very wholesome against neuralgia and kidney diseases.

Here is the list with Tylenovo hotels, villas, and guesthouses:

Villa “Vesela” in the village of Tyulenovo

The villa offers accommodation in two bedrooms one with 4 sleeping spaces and another for 3 persons. In the spacious living room the guests of the villa will find a kitchen-dining room and a living room on two levels.

The garden offers enough space for your children to play, and in the summer a pool